2021 Season

The situation for this season is under constant review, in accordance with guidance from Bowls England. The Management Committee will be implementing any changes as they occur.


One of the teams in our area has recently had to cancel a game owing to a member of the opposition being positively tested and team colleagues having to isolate. It is important that current rules in place need to be adhered to. **

The club has been allowed to operate from the end of March but subject to the four steps set out by the Government. Guidance on step 1 was received at the end of March, step 2 in early April and step 3 in May. 

Details are awaited with regard to step four.

The Management Committee invited comments from members on a range of issues following step 2. The Committee's Chairman, Bill Bissett, subsequently circulated an information sheet for members.

Following receipt of guidance on step 3, which relaxed a number of rules with effect from May 17, the Committee has reviewed the situation. Bill Bissett had updated the information sheet and circulated it to members.


* Note that bookings for rollups still need to be made in advance and that restrictions still apply - see " Covid Rules " displayed with the rink book. 

PLEASE NOTE that any County Competition needs to have two rinks reserved so that the opponent/s can choose which one to use. Rollups are allowed on a rink not chosen for the County Competition but people will have to wait until that decision has been made.

Also note that the non availability book, held with the rink book, needs completion if you are NOT available for selection.

Car Park

An order has been placed with a local contractor to turn the grass car park into a hard surface.

The work is planned to take place w/c August 9 and will take around a week to complete.

It will be important that the lane is kept clear for heavy equipment to gain access. We are in communication with the businesses who share the lane. 

it is also important that members do not park at any time in the area allocated to Montelle Motors.

Plans are in hand regsrding arrangements for alternative parking during the week in question.


President v Captain

The annual game took place on Sunday, July 11.

Thanks to Tony Cook and Bill Bissett for hosting the day. The game was won by the Captain's team.


Open Weekend 2021 

This took take place on Saturday, May 29th and Sunday, May 30.

The club received a total of 30 visitors over the two days and a good number have committed to taking up our formal coaching sessions which started on Saturday, June 5. 

Well done to Claire Morrison and the Recruitment Committee for their work, Eileen and David Allen for coaching assistance on the day, plus all the members who assisted throughout the two days.

Lotto Competition

Ivor Atkins is running a bonus ball competition for the summer months. See the table below for weekly winners. 


Risk Assessment

Bob Spencer has produced a list of issues which could affect the club and need to be addressed via the Management Committee. This will be available to read in the clubhouse once it opens again.

Please note this was produced prior to the pandemic. Also that Mark Holder is now the club's Health and Safety Competent Person.

Job Profiles

Neil Argyle has produced a document which provides members with information on the various roles of the club's Officers. Some of this is an update of a similar document produced some years ago by Allen Lock.

A paper copy will be kept in the clubhouse.

Provision of Food After Friendly Games

The question of what kind of food is to be provided in future seasons was discussed at the 2019 AGM.

It was decided that from 2020 a light snack/nibbles instead of a full meal will be provided at home games on a Wednesday evening.  Opposing teams for friendly matches have been informed of the change. The rink fee for TMX players has been reduced to £3 for both home and away fixtures.

There is no change to arrangements for weekend fixtures. NB THIS HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY ARRANGEMENTS PUT IN PLACE BY THE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE FOR 2021.

Arrangements for 2022 will be discussed at the AGM in October. It is noted that a number of clubs have decided not to provide hot meals after friendly matches in the future, irrespective of Covid rules.

Club-wide Emails

We have experienced some rogue emails purporting to be from members.

In order to mitigate the risk of this happening it has been decided that any club-wide emails will be sent by blind copy. This will result in the full address list not being revealed to the recipient. 



The club is registered with GoRaise for the receipt of income via its on line portal for internet purchases.


All members have to do is go online, register with GoRaise and nominate the club as the recipient of any income. You then place your order in the normal way. A small percentage of the sale price is then received by the club.


Click on the following link -


You can also ask friends and family to participate as long as they have a different email address.


A number of major retailers have joined the scheme, eg Boots, Argos and John Lewis.


In case of any query please contact Debbie Bissett.  


Website Gallery Page


The website hosting company have increased their charge significantly. The only way to avoid the increase is to keep the page headings to a maximum of five. The Gallery [ photos ] page has therefore been deleted.


Photos will now be placed on the Facebook page. A link through to Facebook is provided on the Home page. You do not have to sign up to Facebook to see our posts.


Fees 2021 [ note : all playing fees are £3 for this season in view of no food ]


Annual playing membership : £110


Annual social membership : £25

Junior : £25


Open days for new members : free of charge


Coaching for new members after open days : £25 for six sessions, then free membership in the same year


Teas friendly games : £3


Kennet League : £3


Kennet League LV : £3


Ladies' friendlies : £3


TVLL : £3


Club shirts : £24, available from Keith Hall and Eileen Allen





The club is delighted to have received sponsorship from Fraser's Budgens and The Head Partnership prior to the pandemic.


We also enjoy the support of our good neighbours - Fine Images Ltd. - plus Davis Tate and Hortus Loci who provide perimeter advertising.  


If any other local organisations wish to advertise their services please contact Neil Argyle [ see the Contacts page ]. We have a perimeter fence which runs the length of the green and can be seen by over 1000 visitors each season.



Committee Meetings/AGMs 2021


The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 8 at 10.00am.

The Ladies' AGM is scheduled for Sunday, October 10 at 11.00am.

The Club AGM is scheduled for Sunday, October 31 at 10.30am.

Facebook Update


We have a Facebook site for members and visitors to see our very latest news and photographs. If you already use Facebook just type " Three Mile Cross Bowling Club " in the search facility. Alternatively, just come back to this page and click here

click here




























































TMX Summer 2021 winners
Draw Date Winning Winner
No.   Number  
1 08/05/2021 15 Rod Fenner
2 15/05/2021 50 TMX
3 30/05/2021 44 Graham Brown
4 05/06/2021 17 Paul Fruen
5 12/06/2021 50 TMX
6 19/06/2021 14 Kaz Clarke
7 26/06/2021 19 Tayla-Rai
8 03/07/2021 23 Lesley Darbourn
9 10/07/2021 1 David Brown
10 17/07/2021 1 David Brown
11 24/07/2021 59 TMX