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Open Weekend and Information For New Bowlers


The club holds an annual Open Weekend in the Spring. The dates for 2019 has been agreed - i.e. Saturday and Sunday, May 11 and 12, times are 10.00am to 12.30pm. If anyone cannot make that weekend then get in touch and we can try to accommodate you at another time.

It has been arranged for an advert to appear in the April and May editions of the Loddon Reach magazine, plus posters will be circulated around the local villages.


In 2018 over 30 new bowlers attended over the weekend and around 20 new members subsequently joined the club. 

If anyone wishes to have a try at bowling then all you need is a pair of flat shoes. The club has a stock of spare bowls in a range of sizes.


Following the Open Weekend we offer a series of introductory sessions for people who wish to take up bowling. The exact details for 2019 are currently under review. In previous years we have asked for a small charge then, if people wish to join the club, waived the fee for membership during the first year. 


The club has several set of bowls which can be borrowed during the first season. This is advisable as they come in different sizes and weights, so it is best to try some out before spending money on new or second hand ones. There is also the need to obtain a club shirt if people want to progress into playing formal games against other clubs. This is not compulsory - if people just prefer to enjoy a quiet game with other members that is perfectly acceptable.


More information about the club and guidance on the rules of the game will be provided during the introductory sessions, plus members are usually on hand to answer any questions. If anyone has a specific query then please contact either David Allen or Neil Argyle, details are shown on the Contacts page.


A book by Peter Carter called " Bowls, My Way " covers all the basics. It costs £5 including postage from Peter Carter at 9, Clifton Road, Brighton BN1 3HP.



A guide to lawn bowling can be found by clicking on the following link - 


Fixtures 2019

These are now shown on the Fixtures page and the Rink Book has been populated.

Club-wide emails

We have recently experienced some rogue emails purporting to be from members.

In order to mitigate the risk of this happening it has been decided that any multi-address emails will be sent by blind copy. This will result in the full address list not being revealed to the recipient. 

Green Team

There are currently some vacant slots for cutting the green throughout the week.

Please contact Keith Hall if you are willing to help.

Redecorating the Clubhouse

A team of people under the supervision of Debbie Bissett has been busy decorating the bar area and stockroom.

Thanks to everyone who have volunteered their services. Keep up to date with progress via the photos on the club's Facebook page.

Spring Clean

On Saturday, April 13 around 20 members attended to put out the furniture and clean the premises ahead of the new season. This is much appreciated.

Tour 2020

Debbie Bissett is in the process of arranging a tour to Torquay next August.

Please refer to her email dated April 14 in order to register an interest.

St. Michael's Church Easter Fayre

Members of the recruitment committee attended this event on Saturday, April 13 and provided information to local residents about the Open Weekend in May.

A short mat bowling green with a target was set up for people to have a go at bowling. A photo will be published in the June edition of the Loddon Reach magazine.

Rosters 2019

These will be published soon to cover the bar, teas and cleaning duties. Can members ensure they are aware of their selection once these are published.


Opening the Green 2019

The green will be open for rollups from Tuesday, April 23. 

Emergency Exits

Panic bars are being fitted to the outside doors leading from the bar stockroom and kitchen. This is a requirement of our insurance policy.

Whilst these rooms are being used they must remain unlocked and free of obstruction at all times.

Radio Berkshire

One of our members, Eilen Allen, appeared on the Bill Buckley show on April 18 to talk about the subject of wellbeing. 

Raising the Club's Profile

The Recruitment Committee have identified a number of locations where we have been given permission to hand out flyers. See the list of sites under Significant Dates below.  

If anyone is able to help for an hour please contact Claire Morrison.



Kennet League Fixtures/ County Competitions 2019


These have now been published on the RCBBA website and County handbooks received.



Car Park, Application for Funding


At the end of November the club submitted a formal application to Shinfield Parish Council for a grant towards funding of a hard surface for the club's car park.


The Council has made funds available for community based projects following development of the housing schemes in the surrounding villages.


More information will be made available to members if and when an offer has been received and considered by the Committee.





The club has recently registered with GoRaise for the receipt of income via its on line portal for internet purchases.


All members have to do is go online, register with GoRaise and nominate the club as the recipient of any income. You then place your order in the normal way. A small percentage of the sale price is then received by the club.


Click on the following link -


You can also ask friends and family to participate as long as they have a different email address.


A number of major retailers have joined the scheme, eg Boots, Argos and John Lewis.


In case of any query please contact Debbie Bissett.



Shambles Morris Dancers


The group have been using our premises again during the winter months. They have now finished their practice sessions but we hope to welcome them back in the autumn. 



Access to the Club


Several members have asked about gaining access to the club when the main gate and/or the clubhouse is locked.


This has now been resolved. Members who are not keyholders should contact Neil Argyle for instructions.



Dinner/Dance 2019


The dinner/dance has been held at the Calcot Hotel for a number of years. Unfortunately the hotel is under new management and they have decided to increase their charges significantly.

This year's dinner will take place at Calcot Golf Club on Saturday, November 9 at 6.30 for 7.00pm. Further details will be provided nearer the time.


Website Gallery Page


The website hosting company have increased their charge significantly. The only way to avoid the increase is to keep the page headings to a maximum of five. The Gallery [ photos ] page has therefore been deleted.


Photos will now be placed on the Facebook page. A link through to Facebook is provided on the Home page. You do not have to sign up to Facebook to see our posts.



Fees 2019 [ no change from 2018 ]

 Membership fees are now overdue. Please respond to David Allen's emails if not done so already.


Annual playing membership : £110, due March 2019


Annual social membership : £25, due March 2019


Open days for new members : free of charge


Coaching for new members after open days : £20 for six sessions, then free membership in the same year


Teas friendly games : £4


Kennet League : £2.50


Kennet League LV : £3


Ladies friendlies : £3


TVLL : £3


Club shirts : £24, available from Keith Hall and Eileen Allen





The club is delighted to currently receive sponsorship from Fraser's Budgens, Pink Hippo Self Storage and The Head Partnership.


We also enjoy the support of our good neighbours - Fine Images Ltd. - plus Davis Tate and Hortus Loci who provide perimeter advertising.  We have also recently received a donation from Bellway Homes, for which we are very grateful.


If any other local organisations wish to advertise their services please contact Neil Argyle [ see the Contacts page ]. We have a perimeter fence which runs the length of the green and can be seen by over 1000 visitors each season.



Committee Meetings


The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 26 at 10.00am.

Significant Dates 2019

April 23 Green open for rollups


April 26 Open Evening [ members signing up for competitions ]


April 27 First Fixture

April 27 Survey at Shinfield Co-op

May 4 Survey at Dobbies


May 11/12 Open Weekend 

June 27 Neil Argyle is 70


September 7/8 Finals Weekend


September 21 Candlelight Evening


October 13 Ladies' and Men's AGMs


November 3 Club AGM


November 9 Dinner/Dance





Facebook Update


We have a Facebook site for members and visitors to see our very latest news and photographs. If you already use Facebook just type " Three Mile Cross Bowling Club " in the search facility. Alternatively, just come back to this page and click here

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